Long Heritage

Farm-to-Table Italian Cuisine with a Modern Twist

We grew up in kitchens. Literally. We are surrounded by food and wine in our family’s restaurant. Food is the bond that binds us all. That’s all we know. And, it’s the reason we decided to create a family restaurant together. To honor friendliness, good food and a commitment to the local economy, Pastina serves only the most genuine Italian cuisine. It’s in our DNA. We have it all, from scratch dough in our Italian pizza oven to daily handcrafted pasta in our Italian pasta machine. While we are proud of our Italian sourcing, we also curate from local farmers and vendors. Farm-to-table is trendy now, but it’s also our heritage. We prioritize growing our own food and supporting local farmers. As a result, our menu is always changing and obtained locally. We are proud to know where our food comes from and share it with you the same way our parents and grandparents were when they happily fed their family and local diners. See you soon, friends!

The Longo and Greci families

Head Chef

Josephine Todd

Josephine Todd was raised in lake county, where she developed her passion for cooking. She was raised in a home with younger siblings, where she took on the role of caretaker and taught herself how to cook for her family. Her mother was raised in a Sicilian home where she found a passion for family and the culinary arts. She worked in various restaurants in Lake County – each instilling the drive for a fast-paced, high-volume environment that every chef desires. Embarking on her journey in the culinary arts, she puts care into scratch food and uses local ingredients to elevate the taste and flavor of every dish.


Raimondo Greci

Ray Greci grew up in a small Italian hamlet where his grandmother and mother taught him authentic Italian cooking throughout his childhood, instilling a strong sense of family and food while they lived on their 50-acre family farm. Greci is so passionate about preserving the authenticity of Italian cuisine that he makes all of Pastina’s pasta, bread, and fresh mozzarella cheese from scratch every day. He’s also traveled the country learning about pizza and dough making from some of the best pizza chefs. Greci believes that Pastina’s fresh, locally sourced ingredients, artisan food, and enthusiasm set it apart from other Italian restaurants.