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Gerber Poultry: Amish Farm chicken

Kidron, Ohio


Quality, safe chicken may cost more, but it's the only chicken worth buying. It's why we partner with Gerber's Amish Farms Chicken. Gerber Amish Chicken Poultry Farm Gerber's chickens are raised today just as they were back in 1952 when Dwight and Melva Gerber began delivering fresh eggs, vegetables and 30 fresh chickens a week in their Ford half-ton panel truck on a local route in their hometown of Kidron, Ohio. Gerber's modern approach to the chicken business is pretty old-fashioned ‚ they do what must be done to ensure the best possible care for the chickens.

While the modern chicken industry as a whole may embrace arsenic or feed additives such as animal by-products, meat and bone meal and antibiotics to support growth, at Gerber's, this is never the case. Mike Gerber (the company's current President and son of Dwight and Melva) recalls the meeting when the topic of arsenic was first introduced. "The industry was describing it as a fix-all ingredient. The buzz word in the business was 'efficient'." For Mike, there was never a question as to what the right decision was. "I wanted to be honest with our customers. We opted from the beginning to never, ever use that."

Gerber's also maintains the highest standards in the business by being involved in every aspect of it – from purchase of eggs to hatching, growth, processing and distribution – always with an eye on producing quality product. The Gerber's team includes feed suppliers, nutritionists, animal welfare consultants, farmers and caretakers, all working together to develop a nutritious, all natural vegetarian diet and safe, healthy environment in which to produce well-nourished, contented animals.

For Gerber's, raising animals the way they used to be raised produces chicken that tastes the way chicken used to taste. On family-owned Amish farms, chickens are cared for in a safe, humane, healthy environment from hatching to processing. Gerber's chickens receive the personal touch of their farmers and have constant light contact with their flocks, without having to scavenge for food or water. They live a cage-free, calm, content and comfortable life.

But caring for chickens "the old-fashioned way" is expensive – Gerber's chickens take longer to raise, and they don't get as big. And Gerber's invests financial resources, time and study in the care, health and humane handling of its chickens, abiding by National Poultry Improvement Plan guidelines, installing a state-of-the art refrigeration system to ensure food safety and upgrading a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment facility.

Mike still lives on the family farm just steps away from the spot where his parents' home once stood. He and his family remain humble about the success they've enjoyed. Mike credits his mother, Melba, with teaching him that any success they enjoyed wasn't about them. "She'd say, 'God blessed the efforts we had here.'"

Growing up in his family's business, he fed and caught chickens and helped with processing – back when a hard day's work was processing 300 chickens. Mike chuckles, "Now we do 80,000." As he got older he took to sales, and along the way he's done just about every job there is in the company. "The only one I hated was payroll," Mike laughs. "I'm not really a paperwork kind of person." Success in his current role means learning to take care of and meet his customers' expectations. And Mike, a self-described "people person," knows just who his customers are. "We don't want to sell to the Wal-Marts of the world. The Longo-Greci family owned restaurants are the perfect example of who we want our customers to be. Their customers expect something a little bit better."


The feed makes the difference®...
Gerber’s chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet. The all cereal grain feed is blended with vitamins, minerals and amino acids and vegetable fats to produce a balanced nutritional feed.Amish raised chicken and poultry
• No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics
• No Growth Stimulants
• No Hormones
• No Animal By-Products
• No Fish Meal or Bakery By-Products
• No Artificial Ingredients


Gerber Poultry’s chickens grow naturally when fed this special feed. The result is better tasting tender chicken guaranteed! The meat from chickens raised by their superior standards is always firm and flavorful.

Today’s discerning consumers want products that meet high standards for quality and taste. Gerber Poultry’s goal has been to produce a chicken that meets those expectations. They begin with a selected breed of chicks that they hatch at their own hatchery. The processing plant uses processes that produce wholesome clean chicken that is produced according to all USDA food safety standards. We have our own high standards of quality control that regulate our production. The processing areas, storage coolers and shipping trucks are always monitored for proper refrigeration temperatures to guarantee that you will get the freshest chicken, but not a frozen chicken.

"Des es goudt hingle"
The phrase that our Amish farmers say about their chickens. It means “this is good chicken”, and they really believe that because they know the chickens ate good all natural feed and were given special care while on their farm.


Better feed, better taste. That's Gerber's position. Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken™ tastes better because our family has taken the time to perfect our feeding formula and the way we raise our chickens. We've worked with our feed suppliers, nutritionist's, animal welfare consultants, farmers and caretakers for over six decades to develop a nutritious diet and a safe, healthy living environment for our birds. Our unique methods insure that Gerber's chicken really is different and more satisfying than national brands. Customers commonly refer to our chicken as being "like the chicken they had from Grandpa's farm".




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